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Black Friday – the time of jaw-dropping sales, getting your hands on something for a great deal! Everyone loves it, but do you know the history of it?

The term “Black Friday” was first used on 24th September 1869, when Financiers James Fisk and Jay Gould, also known as the Gold Ring, were trying to corner the gold market on the NYSE. The President at the time, Ulysses S. Grant had the policy of selling gold weekly to boost the economy. The Gold Ring befriended the President to acquire knowledge of when gold was to be sold, resulting in them manipulating the market on Wall Street. The two men help Grant to send a letter informing the Secretary of Treasury that the selling of gold was harmful to the Western Farmers, whilst the president suspended sales, Fisk & Gould could have the market all to themselves. When the President learnt of their scheme, he released $4 million worth of gold on 24th September 1869, this drove down the price of gold and crushed the Gold Rings business on the market.

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When did Black Friday begin?

Black Friday wasn’t considered the biggest shopping day of the year until 2001, the previous years the Saturday before Christmas always trumped it. Though in America it was thought to have been the busiest shopping day of the year from 2005, perhaps earlier.

When is Black Friday 2019?

This year Black Friday is on 29th November. There is fierce competition for retailers around Black Friday, to keep stock high and people’s interests higher. Consumers will always see viral videos of the rush and madness inside stores for Black Friday’s heavily reduced items.

So what is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday 2019 is Black Friday’s partner in crime, this year Cyber Monday, will fall on Monday 2nd December – good news for those who don’t believe in buying Christmas presents until December! Cyber Monday doesn’t just see the continuation of Black Friday deals (although naturally there is a lot of that).

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