Valentine’s Day Countdown with Luxiere Fashion 3rd February 2017 – Posted in: Blog – Tags: , , , ,

February has arrived, the second month in the year most famed for St Valentine’s Day that sees people all over the world celebrate their “love”.

It’s the month where chocolates, flowers, champagne, jewellery and marriage proposals are at their most popular and we send cards, exchange gifts and arrange dates to show people how much we care.

Here at Luxiere, we are counting down to 14 February by posting some of our favourite Valentine’s quotes. We will be sharing one a day here on our blog and on social media using the hashtag #valentinescountdown.

Valentine's Day Hepburn Quote
Valentines Quote Oscar Wilde

Valentines Quotes Van GoghValentines Quote John Lennon


Valentine Quote Ghandi
Valentines Quote Charles Dickens