At Luxiere, our jewellery is made for individuality that’s why we think it is important that your item of jewellery has the perfect fit, that’s why we have provided the below Jewellery Sizing Guide.

Although our pieces are made to standard UK sizes we can also customise your item of jewellery to your desired size*.

Standard Sizes

Women’s bracelet: 7”
Women’s necklace: 18”

Men’s bracelet: 8” – 9”
Men’s necklace: 22”

Bracelet Sizing Guide

Women’s Small (average): 7”
Women’s Medium: 7.5”
Women’s Large: 8”

Men’s: between 8” and 9”

Necklace Sizing Guide

Women’s collar: 12” to 13”
Women’s choker: 14” to 16”
Women’s princess: 17” to 19”
Women’s matinee: 20” to 24”
Women’s opera: 28” to 34”
Women’s rope / lariat: 45” +

Men’s choker: 18”
Men’s collar: 20”
Men’s medium: 22”
Men’s long: 24” +


If you have any questions regarding jewellery sizing, please contact us.

*Please note, that customised items will be tailored at time of order, which can take up to 7 days from order date to be shipped.