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The Royal Family have had many different style icons over the decades, from the much-loved Princess Diana, to the more recent Duchess Kate. But the latest one is Princess Anne! Princess Anne’s fashion style has been somewhat looked past, she doesn’t set her own trends, or really focus on anyone else’s, but her style has remained the same for decades, and the beauty of it has been greatly underappreciated.

She tends to never throw out clothes, or so it seems, judging by her appearance at Royal Ascot 3 years ago, in which she featured a 35-year-old coat, it is all added to the appeal of her elegant style. Her deemed favourite coat, a lilac coat, has been seen several times since 1979 also, it can’t be an accidental habit.

Maybe she keeps these items for future events, or for them to return to style, or maybe she just doesn’t throw them out, for no reason at all. Though Princess Anne is more of a behind the scenes kind of Royal member, she undertook “540 engagements in 2017, making her the hardest working member of the Royal family. “She does the tiara stuff beautifully,” Richard Ralph, former governor of the Falkland Islands observed, ‘but she’s happiest in jeans and a Barbour.’” Telegraph.

Though her fashion styles seem to be somewhat simpler and more elegant alike, she will always have a statement piece to bring to life the wardrobe in which she explores, from a patterned scarf, to a novelty jumper or two. These are the characteristics of her style in which we adore, and we shall wait to see what more we get from Princess Anne, as she has now had a style influencer moment, we may see her push out some trends!