Luxiere Ethically Sourced MaterialsAt Luxiere Fashion we use only ethically sourced jewellery materials

We are a British jewellery brand that designs and handcrafts our products in the UK. We use only ethically-sourced metals and are committed to being a jewellery brand that offers the best quality products, designed to the highest standards, using only responsibly sourced jewellery materials.

At Luxiere, we realise that sometimes in jewellery making the source of gemstones and metals doesn’t get that much attention. That’s why we research and carefully source all of our materials from chains and clasps to stones and crystals.

We ensure all of our gemstones, crystals and beads are genuine and we aim to provide detailed descriptions of all of our products. We often use Swarovski and Czech crystal, dichroic, millefiori, lampwork and Murano glass and genuine gemstones.

All of our jewellery is nickel, lead and cadmium free, conforming to European laws and we use the highest quality metal, silver, silver-plates and antique bronze effect materials, which are all hypoallergenic friendly.

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