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Do you and your family hang Christmas Stockings? Do you need some Christmas Stocking filler ideas?…

History of The Christmas Stocking

There is no written history of the Christmas Stocking for when it originated, but there are many popular legends that attempt to guess the history of this Christmas Tradition.

One known tale, with its many variations, was of Saint Nicholas who wanted to help a poor mans daughters, one night he threw three bags of gold through an open window, one of the bags happened to land in a stocking that was out hung by the fireplace drying. This then led to children leaving stockings out eagerly awaiting gifts left by Saint Nicholas. Before special Christmas stockings were created, children used to just use one of their everyday socks.

Today, stockings are still a popular Christmas Tradition, some families will spend the time together to make a handmade stocking to hang on Christmas Eve, ready to be filled with gifts. Many families will also put their names on each stocking, so that Santa knows which one belongs to each member.

Stocking Filler Ideas for Women

Traditionally, the smaller gifts are what would be placed into the stockings. The best things can be found in small packages… here at Luxiere we have some beautiful Sterling Silver Swarovski earrings that would be perfect stocking fillers for someone special. In a variety of colours, choose a pair that would suit you or your secret Santa perfectly.

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