Look Fab with Max Factors Miracle Touch Creamy Blush 23rd May 2018 – Posted in: Blog, Fashion

Makeup collections are never complete, and whilst most people may use the same products on a daily makeup routine basis, we are always tempted to throw a new item in the mix. This doesn’t always have to be one of the expensive brands the beauty guru’s and A-listers use. A blog editor Amy Lawrenson swears by a drugstore product, the Max Factor’s Miracle Touch Creamy Blush.

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This product that Amy can’t get enough of, can be yours for only £7! Yes, forget about those blush products that break the bank, this may be the only blush you need to consider using. Amy explains how it “will perk up even the dullest (read: hungover / overworked / stressed out complexions) with a radiant, dewy flush.” Amy also says, “I apply a dab of this cream to the centre of each cheek (smile and you’ll find it) before using my fingers to blend up and out (it lifts the face).”

So, with the compact packaging, and the easy method of application, this makeup product can be carried around with you when you are on the go, either to apply later in the day to add some boost to your face, or to top up on a night out when the colour may fade. So next time you’re out shopping for a new makeup product, maybe give this one a go and see what you think!