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The team at Luxiere Fashion are excited to introduce their first limited edition collection of necklaces, made from natural agate stones that originate from the Chinese Gobi Desert.

The Gobi Desert is the fifth largest desert in the world stretching across both China and Mongolia.   It has been inhabited since ancient times and is believed to be the first place in which to find dinosaur eggs.

A cold desert with extreme temperatures the Gobi Desert is formed by backdrops of mountains, forests, springs, sands and grassland. It is home to many different plants and trees and several rare animals such as the snow leopard, mountain sheep, lynx and brown bear.  A variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones can also be found in the Gobi Desert, including turquoise, jasper and agate.

Our limited edition collection of Gobi Desert Agate Necklaces feature nuggets of silky, smooth agate on a fashionable knotted cord with a large Agate stone centrepiece.  Each piece of agate is distinct in shape and colour, with shades ranging from deep blood red and rich tawny orange to clear stone blue and frosted arctic white.

The shape and feel of each agate piece has been sculpted by the strong winds and sand storms of the Gobi Desert, making each stone completely unique.

If you love distinctive jewellery you’ll adore this collection of Gobi Desert necklaces that are as individual as you!

To view our limited edition collection of Gobi Desert necklaces, please click here.

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