Jewellery We Like 2019 11th January 2019 – Posted in: Blog – Tags: , , , , ,

Statement Earrings

A statement earring is always one of the top jewellery items that we love. It can improve an outfit in such an easy and simple way. If you have chosen a plain dress, or something simple, a statement earring can step the look up. So, put on that little black dress, and grab those big dangly statement earrings, and maybe even a statement necklace to go with it.


Be it a bangle, a chunky bracelet, or something small and simple; bracelets can add beauty to any look. Charm bracelets are growing in popularity again, they can tell many stories and are simply elegant. Bedazzle your arm with your favourite bracelet.

Hair Clips

Hair clips are making a dramatic comeback, and not small ones for the convenience of keeping stray hairs down, these want to be SEEN! Bringing back the childhood dramatic hair clips. Big hair slides and clips are worn, with diamonds, crystals, logos and even pearls. Glam up your updo or keep your hair out of your face in style!


Rings, rings and more rings. We still love the multiple rings on one hand look, but instead of the small ones we’ve grown accustomed to, we are seeing more of the big chunky rings, metal, gold, silver or crystal, the bigger the better.