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Jewelley in history

Jewelry / Jewellery in 1980s

#JewelryInHistory: 1980s fashion accentuated the big and beautiful from hairstyles to clothing, and the jewelry scene was no exception. Delicate, elegant and minimal necklaces were replaced with oversized statement pieces, while mixing and matching became the ideal method to personalize jewelry choices. The quest for individuality through fashion was also expressed through the DIY punk rock aesthetic.


Jewelry / Jewellery in 1970s

#JewelryInHistory: In the 1970s, the bold jewelry pieces brought to popularity in the previous decade became more toned down. Darker colors emerged and beaded jewelry became the next big thing. On the runways, large golden earrings were popular, and other trends included mixing materials such hemp, leather, and metals.


Jewelry / Jewellery in 1960s

#JewelryInHistory: In the 1960s, functionality and practicality were the new biggest craze. Plastic jewelry became popular not only because of the variety and possibilities of shapes and colors, but also because it was inexpensive to make. The go-to look was bold jewelry pieces such as layered necklaces, stacked rings, and bangles in a variety of bright colors. ’60s fashion also marked the rise in handmade accessories, peace signs, flowered patterns, and psychedelic colors–all trademarks of the hippie invasion.


Jewelry / Jewellery in 1950s

#JewelryInHistory: The 1950s sparked a new wave in the fashion industry with more choice than ever before. Jewelry sets were popular with women, as the matching pieces offered a desired “put together” look. Other trends varied from the classic pearls to shimmering brooches, and the styling choices ultimately maintained a sophisticated level of glamour.


Jewelry / Jewellery in 1940s

#JewelryInHistory: The 1940s were dominated by glamour and diamonds. Interestingly, it started with an ad campaign by De Beers Diamond Company, which coined the iconic slogan “A Diamond is Forever”. Thousands of American women were convinced they HAD to have diamond engagement rings, and the Hollywood scene was dripping in diamonds alongside the trend.


Jewelry / Jewellery in 1930s

#JewelryInHistory: In the 1930s, the fashion industry spotlight was on America where women were influenced by Hollywood glamour. During this time, plastic was introduced as a material for jewelry, along with moonstones and other inexpensive gems that imitated the real deal.


Jewelry / Jewellery in 1920s

#JewelryInHistory: The 1920s were all about Art Deco style. The economic boom of this period provoked lavish spending and women were exceptionally dressed and glamorized. During this period, the common trends were geometric pendants, pearls and diamonds. Costume jewelry was also popular.