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Makeup trends are forever changing day-to-day, but every season they change a lot more. From the colours, to the style and to the way we apply products. It is essential to keep up with trends, here we will talk about the latest trends of the colourful new season.

Autumn is always an exciting season in the makeup world, it transforms summers bright colour popping styles into dark and warm colours. Bringing dark cherry shades, warm browns, copper, burnt orange, black rose and burgundy. Also, look forward to seeing makeup trends inspired by things we all love about autumn, like pumpkins, spiced lattes, hot chocolate, Halloween and many more.

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Black Rose is a new popular colour we have discovered with this years autumn, it is replacing previous autumns shades such as maroon, sanguine and oxblood. It is a perfectly blended mix of dull red and purple, creating a beautiful shade that compliments you and is not overpowering at all. This shade is a clear contrast to summers bright shades, and it makes it a perfect go-to for the new season, the new shade adds the perfect about of a ‘dark’ and ‘moody’ feel to your autumn wardrobe. Perfect as mascara, eyeliner, eye-shadow, blush and all things lip related!

Berry is a shade that has and will always be a September favourite, making an ever-growing popular comeback each year. Although this colour remains a favourite, the tone of the shade does change bit by bit, this year we can see it features a more rose and pink tone, with hints of a darker plum shade. Adding some much-needed warmth to your face, but ultimately keeping the natural look. Giving you the ‘been in a blizzard’ cheek look, and ‘slightly frost-bitten’ lip look. From shimmers to mattes to stains, get it in berry.

    Rose Gold is a more shimmery and sassier version of berry. It is trendier and more sophisticated than it is a classic autumn colour. The fact that it is more of a sheerer shade means that it creates beautiful dimensions on the skin with its petal pink and metallic tones, giving you the much-loved summer glow. It adds the sense of fun and fancy style to your makeup look.

Copper is the all-time perfect colour to reflect autumn feels. All shades copper related are the best to give you the right amount of warmth needed in summer, a warm toned brown shade to contrast against summers colour-pop shades. It gives you the sun-kissed feel of a summer-time gone, whilst allowing you to feel the beauty of the fallen leaves of autumn. Grab your copper shades in your favourite formulas and finishes.

Brick is a nice alternative to the bright summer red, if you find yourself unable to avoid using reds, this darker shade will be perfect for your autumn collection. Get the feeling of warm fireplaces and hot chocolate with this shade, perfect for all the feel-good moments of autumn. A favourite autumn time true red, with hints of velvety browns. The best thing about this shade is the versatility, the warm darkness can follow you into winter.

Honeycrisp Red if you really can’t avoid using red shades, and don’t like the look of brick on you, you can go for the bright apple shade of honeycrisp red. You can still get the crisp coolness feel on your face with this shade, but unlike brick and copper, it will do a better job of brightening up your face, if that is the look that you prefer. Add a splash of this colour all over your face and nails for the ice-touched look, or the ‘I just worked out’ look.

Burnt Orange is the perfect sunset inspired shade, giving us the ultimate warm autumn feeling. Burnt orange is the perfect transitional shade from the summer pinks, giving a more toned-down and earthier version of the summer time favourites. These tones are easily mixable in pigment form to create your perfect shade to be applied anywhere, or the shade itself is readily accessible to buy and carry you through all the way until Spring.

    Brown Suede is the warm leathery colour that everyone needs in their autumn collection. This soft shade gives us hints of suede, cocoa and purple, and is just autumn perfection. Show of this colour in a bold statement lip, or for a warm smoky eye, tied with eyeliner or a touch of glitter. It is a perfect warm, spicy and beautiful shade, embodying everything that you need for this autumn.

Sapphire jewel tones are a rich and vivid representation of velvet and raw silk. This sparkling version of navy blue is a must-have for this season. It is the perfect pop of colour to get you through this season, tie it with a similar jewel shade like emerald or garnet, or wear it boldly on its own. Giving you a perfectly cool natural look whilst allowing a pop of colour and a touch of shimmer.

Slate Grey isn’t the usual choice for autumn, usually reflecting winter and colder times, but it has surprisingly made its way into our back up bags for this season. The sultry shade gives us the modern feeling, without being over the top or too shimmery. Giving us the cool feeling the weather reflects but making us shine above the browner tones of the season. This tone would not only look great on the high points of our faces as highlight, but also as a halo in the centre of a cut crease.

Golden Peach is a mix of two tones that will create the perfect amount of warmth for autumn. Peach is known to create warmth on the face, and gold shimmer helps to enhance that warmth. By brushing this shade over the apples of your cheeks you get the post-summer glow for the new season, finish the look with pairing your eyeshadow or lips to this shade.

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